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Understand your Core Web Vital Scores and Security. Learn how much more Ad Revenue you could make with Publift as your Monetization Partner.

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How we give you accurate projections:

Our ad revenue uplift analysis enables us to give you a revenue projection of what you would have earned if you partnered with Publift. We are able to do this by combining your historical data and Publift’s experience based on seasonality, advertising density, devices used, countries where traffic originates, and CPMs. This automated analysis does not review your ad layout or optimizations. This may occur afterward by one of our specialists Yield Managers. Please note that our team may contact you directly to discuss your site. Our estimations are subject to your individual website and existing setup. Please note that these are estimates only and other factors may affect the projections. So to do the calculations we will need:

  • Your website URL
  • Your Google AdSense details
  • Your Google Analytics details

We only use your information to calculate projections. We do not share information with third party members.